Sabretooth Playstyle

I just recently pulled a 5* sabretooth. He is unduped. What is the best way to play sabretooth? Thanks in advance


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    Do 10 hit combo, parry, then backswipe to make it permanent. And use SP3 to end fights, it has the most potent fury (and any fury buff that you end the fight with gets converted to a passive one for the next fight).
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    I like to use MLLLL 5-hit combo, normally. The last light attack provides a little more space than the medium. I like to try to double dash back simultaneously as the AI dashes back when reaching intervals of 10 hits on the combo meter. When you both dash back at the same time, the AI will give you enough time to convert your fury. Sit idle as your convert your fury buff to passive. Try to end your fight with a L3 with a 10 hit fury active, so you carry both of those to the next fight, even if you’ve already converted 5 furies. L2 gives a weak fury buff so really try save that for when you’ve reached a boss fight and not worried about stacking furies. The damage is nice and it guarantees and immediate passive fury, but it’s about 1/2 as strong as the 10 hit fury, and 1/3 (if I recall) as strong as the L3 fury.

    Hope all this helps. Congrats. ST is not only a beast of a champs but pretty fun to use as well.
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    Love Sabertooth. Just pulled him as a 6*. The basics are this: build fury and pay attention to his charges. He will randomly get 3-6. This is how many fights you are allowed to carry his furies over.

    Every ten hits will proc a Fury buff. You can lock this Fury into place by either dashing back and staying idle for a second (he will do his growl), or you can fire off a special one to lock it in.

    A special two will automatically proc and lock a Fury.

    You can store 5 per fight. Up to 15. This is when it gets really crazy. His damage is quite impressive.

    There is a way to get even more, and that is to KO an opponent with an L3. This gives you an additional charge. So, he can go over 15.

    However, like I said earlier... he only has so many fights to carry these, so pick a couple easy fights to build him up, and then save his remaining charges for those big fights when you really need him. If you die, you will lose a charge.

    Omega Red synergy is amazing! Gives him a 30% chance to inflict a bleed on a medium attack I believe. Domino synergy is ok. Gives his Fury and regen 12% more effectiveness.

    Outside of damage, his main synergy is Killmonger. This allows him to bypass a TON of stuff. I won’t go into it, as there is already a great thread (or dozens) about it. Just check it out.

    He’s fun and powerful, but limited.
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