UPDATE: A new Hotfix (v32.2.3) is now being released to address this issue. Please keep an eye on your App Store for this update to address the below issue.

We are currently experiencing an Error when Summoners view a Champion’s Synergies while in the Champion Selection screen in Arenas and Duels. We are aware of this issue and are working on a Hotfix to address it. In the meantime, please avoid using the synergy menu to prevent this error and crash. We apologize for this inconvenience. Updates will be posted here: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/293506/error-when-looking-at-synergies-from-champion-selection-screen

Three suggestios

1. Specifications! Finally list what devices run the game smoothly please!
Before you take people's money you should inform that this device probably won't run this game content or end game/newer content. It's clear that you guys do not optimize game for all cpu/gpu's or phone manufacturers.

2. You ban 4* champs from content, and also make content for mostly endgame players while new and mid range players still struggle to earn 5* champions. You also refuse to buff master difficulty rewards(believe me that 3*'s dont help in 2019!) Why don't you make a rule that 6* and 5* champs can't be placed in lower tier wars? All players would get more, more would play and Kabam would earn more but its killing game for ppl who want some fun in silvers brackets/low tiers. Players with 50k def teams move down tiers to takeout the rest or to boost up some places of a friendly alliance.
Make it fair with no 5*&6* in tiers 20-15 and no 6* in tier 14-10? Maybe max defender team raitings to 30k or somthing?
3. Arena brackets based on overall account rating!
It's impossible with a fairly new account to get any champs from the arenas so why not make some backets after 60 day period, like 0-250k 251-500 and 500+ Just at this moment champions in featured and 5* arena is exclusive for big accounts since new and mid accounts simply don't have a chance on the roster of champions :/
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