Unresponsive champs

This only happens to me in aw. Sometimes my champ won't do anything, sometimes they will do something completely different, or sometimes they won't respond at all and just stand there. This tends to happen directly after a special move or during an opponents heavy. This just started happening a few weeks ago and I thought it was just when fighting Mordo originally, but it is happening against Hyperion and iceman as well. Haven't noticed it against magik, but it has happened a couple times against dorm as well. This is really frustrating.


  • I_am_GrootI_am_Groot Posts: 646 ★★
    Look if this unresponsive issue happen while the game/fight is "stuttering".
    If you confirm it, it's the stuttering/lag problem some of us were reporting.
  • SomeoneElseSomeoneElse Posts: 424 ★★★
    One of many reported bugs.
  • IOSJasoNIOSJasoN Posts: 537 ★★
    Could be worse AW node 52 iron fist (parry immune) He's not meant to be but it called parry 8 times and he wasn't stunned once.. Had to fight him without it in the end.. Web Slinger Challenge Champs not making contact after enemy champs heavy attack.. They just swing and hit the air in front of them until they start hitting on you again..
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    They know and said it's being investigated but I don't actually think they care. A lot of these issues have been going back for many many months without them saying anything about some of them for a long time.

    I really hope the next patch fixes some of these but I wouldn't hold my breath
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