2015 rank up gems

i first want to say how much ive liked both gariant back issues. both these peices of content were for the most part an awesome addition to the game!!!!! they brought challenging quests with a twist (the size matters being the twist). however i also want to point out and this is the purpose of this post the abundance of rank up gems for champions from 2015. there are only maybe 5 or 6 champions from 2015 even worth taking to r4 nevermind r5. everyone is certainly allowed to like who they like and pick who they pick for rank ups. however it seems to me that the rank up gems would be better served not having a specific year attached to them so summoners could rank up whoever they wanted. im asking the dev team took a hard look at the year restrictions on these gems, if and kabam claims who we rank up should be our choice and if thats true why the restriction on year specific champions? Let mw know if you guys agree or disagree and why, i cant spell i know that lol!!!


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    I don't think it's restrictive, so much as it is an ode to the year. These throwbacks are from Events in 2015.
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