Sick of AW?

NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 976 ★★★
If your tired of the stress of alliance war you have come to the right place. We r an active alliance running AQ maps 5 & 4. We focus on AQ instead of AW. Line is required though. We still run AW for those that like it but it’s not required and just for fun. I hate AW but I know some ppl like it. We r experienced players that want time to do solo activities and still earn plenty of rewards through AQ. Message me if u are interested. Our alliance name is “Guardians of Grayskull” if u want to check us out. Members must take part in AQ, have Line app, be active, and be able to handle at leastAQ map 4 all week. Message me here or in game if interested. My game name is Neotwism. Thanks for reading this and good luck with the rng gods!


  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 976 ★★★
    Looking for players with a rating over 150k. Might consider a little lower if u can hold your own and have the required skills.
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