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Hi, guys. I'd like to get your advice on how to properly line up my champs for AW def/off, AQ and questing. I have a lot of 3/30 4* champs waiting to be ranked, but first i would like to make the best of my 4/40 4* and 2/35 5*. So, here is my list
5* 2/35
- Original Spiderman (unduped, i ranked him up because i had t4c expiring)
- Cap Marvel (duped, same thing expiring t4c)

4* 4/40 (all duped)
- Electro
- Nightcrawler
- Storm
- Black Widow
- Scarlet Witch
- Magik
- Cap WWII
- Ms Marvel
- Original Black Panther
- Starlord
- Drax

Note: i don't have any wolverine, ultron, vision, regen champs or new champs

Please help me and feel free to make suggestions to complete any team with another champ (maybe i have it


  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 2,048 ★★★
    It would help if you listed map for AQ and tier for AW.

  • first of all, it should be Starlord who you should rank up.
    if you don't have him as 5* he still is a decent champ to clear everything at 5/50 4*.
    You can easily to AQ and AW offense with him and he will be always a good choice.
    Since the beginning he is one of my fav champs.
    remember doing ROL with the 3* version - was good times.
  • Our alliance has gone from full to only 11 members, but i've stayed since they helped since the beginning. We are on tier 11 and we used to run map 3 at best (now map 2).
    So far, i've been using:

    AW def: 4/40 duped electro, 4/40 duped nightcrawler, 2/35 unduped original spiderman, 3/30 duped venom, 3/30 unduped agent venom

    AW off: 4/40 duped sw, 4/40 duped bw, 2/35 duped cap marvel

    AQ: 4/40 duped magik, 4/40 duped storm, 4/40 duped starlord

    Questing: the rest of my 4/40 duped cap wwii, original bp, drax, ms marvel and any of my 3/30 (duped iron fist, unduped rr). I haven't finished act 4 and rarely i complete 100% of monthly events on master

    Yet i feel i'm not choosing wisely my champs to rank up nor lining them up according to their abilities, maybe not placing them on the right node for aw def
  • TorgoNudhoTorgoNudho Posts: 24
    Always rank up offensive champs or 2way champs before defense-only champs.

    For aw def: go with electro, nightcrawler, storm, black widow, magik. Everyone else you mentioned in your post are garbage defenders.

    For aq and aw offense all depends on which you are prioritizing. My alliance prioritizes aq over aw, so i use my starlord and cap ww2 there for example.

    Storm does well in unblockable s2 nodes. Nightcrawler is good anywhere but choose a stun immune node. Both magik and black widow benefit from 20% enhanced ability node but widow will probably be better there. You can use magik as a mini boss instead. Electro in thorn nodes preferrably.

    Your spidey is garbage until duped. Focus on starlord and scar witch as your go to aq, aw, monthly quest, act quest, rol quest, lol quest champs....regardless of new champs you add to your roster. These 2 are priority. Also spend your sig stones on them first before anyone else. Drax can counter mordo and you should maybe bring him in aw offense. He is currently rated 2nd best cosmic behind hyperion. No need to focus on his sig ability so save your awake gems on someone else. Original panther is good but don't bother wasting sig stones on him as you have other god or demigod tier champs that need ranking up.
  • TorgoNudhoTorgoNudho Posts: 24
    Also if you could sound off your other champs my advice can easily change. Also do not prioritize your 5* spidey. If you dupe him, great. But don't spend an awake gem on him.
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