Active, yet low-stress, 17 mil donation-free ally looking for one player

We are a friendly group of adults seeking a replacement for a long-term member who needs to step out after this AW because life has become too busy to keep up with the game. We appreciate a nice work/play balance and have pretty reasonable expectations.

About us:
  • We earn 80+mil weekly in AQ through a variety of Maps (2, 4, and 5). We’re perfect for someone looking for something a little less stressful than 5x5.
  • Donations are completely optional.
  • Last season we scored at the top of Gold 2. The season prior we scored Gold 1. We will aim for Gold 1 next season.
  • We all have a good attitude and are respectful of our fellow teammates.
  • We are usually in AW tier 6 or 7, occasionally tier 5.
  • We tend to do well in all alliance events apart from arena-related ones. A good portion of us do not have the time for serious arena grinding.
Who we are looking for:
  • Someone with a solid team of 4/55s or higher.
  • Someone who can clear their AW line. Most likely looking for someone who can handle path 1 (far left, poison node) & lower “C” up top.
  • Someone who joins AW and AQ in a timely manner & is able to log in several times a day to move.
Contact me via LINE: sillycaitlin

If we appear full, it’s because we haven’t replaced yet. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you think you would be a good fit!


  • SillyCaitlinSillyCaitlin Posts: 510
    edited April 2019
    Still looking. See below for a screenshot of our alliance.

    Additionally, see below for a graphic of the path a new member would ideally be taking over. In order to work with the other times zones, we’d strongly prefer someone who is able to reach the yellow arrow or beyond during the first 8-10 hours of AW.

    If interested, contact me via LINE: sillycaitlin
  • SillyCaitlinSillyCaitlin Posts: 510
    Still looking
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