The T4 class catalyst special trade-in

A few weeks ago my friend traded in some cheer for class catalyst and was able to choose the class catalyst of his choice.

So he told me to do it A few days ago and I to my disappointment received a tier 4 class catalyst crystal.

I don’t have money to throw into this game to get characters that cost over $50 and yet you really want to turn a good deal into an absolutely terrible deal.

Had I known known I would be getting 1 random CC in exchange for three of my choice, i’d be very upset with Kabam.

But to not make it more clear that you could no longer choose your class crystal is absolutely unprofessional

I’ll login every single day and did not see any mrnyion of either deal but that’s ridiculous this made me so angry I’ll never spend money again unless I get recompensated. Since they don’t care enough about me to make it clear what I am spending massive resources on, I just wanted to make it clear that any deal they offer is it worth poor customer service. I want my 3 CC back Don’t even want to trade for my vbumicf now bc of the Lack of respect shown to the players who actually try


  • BDeezyBDeezy Posts: 119
    It’s not right
  • MarzGrooveMarzGroove Posts: 902 ★★★
    You've never been able to choose the exact class of the T4CC .you get.
  • RichiesDad79RichiesDad79 Posts: 927 ★★★
    Its never been an option. Sorry, you are mistaken.
  • Friend might have been referring to the pop-up offers after doing Daily Class Quest where you can buy a Class Cat (Tier 1/2) and you can choose which Class you want. Or maybe a Money Store (don't like how it's referred to as the Unit Store) and you can select which of the 6 Classes of “stuff” you are buying.
  • BDeezyBDeezy Posts: 119
    He was mistaken (and myselfg but it’s still a pathetic deal.)
  • BDeezyBDeezy Posts: 119
    Like 3???? Seriously 2 isnt good enough?
  • xNigxNig Posts: 4,189 ★★★★★
    Lol. No one forced you to select the 3 T4CC for 1 deal.
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