Omega red

About to take omega to 5/50 and want him to be brilliant but don’t want to sacrifice my other champions by using the suicide masteries! I enjoy my team and think he’ll be a great addition to it I just wonder if I’ll be able to get as good power out of him without the mastierues? Is he worth it without the suicide masteries?


  • 10or_Strong10or_Strong Posts: 481 ★★
    You are really asking two questions. First, will you be able to "get as good power" without the suicide masteries. Obviously, it won't be using him to his full potential, since suicides add A LOT to Omega Red. That said, I find him still a great champ even when I'm not running suicides. Build up to SP2 and trigger his Death Field, then hit a heavy when you have maxed out the spores to prevent them from being lost, and drop a sp3 with as many spores as possible to get great power back and massive regen. He's probably my favorite champ to fight with right now (5/65 5*).

    You won't regret having him on your team, even without suicides.
  • BradMercerBradMercer Posts: 156
    Thanks for that mate! He’s been maxed, now just need a proper fight to utilise him, fights always over before I can get him up to 30 lol
  • NinjaWarrior99NinjaWarrior99 Posts: 301
    if you use coagulate and willpower the with liquid courage, the affect to your other champs is not very significant. just try to limit your use of sp1 and sp2
  • Sub_0Sub_0 Posts: 1
    is omega red any good! i pulled out 5* didnt had it earlier
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