Inequity mastery thread...since the last one vanished

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The last Bugs and Known Issues thread regarding the Inequity mastery vanished, which is unfortunate since it had a good record of the mod acknowledgments of the issue. Nonetheless, it's worth starting a new one so hopefully one day it gets fixed.

For those who don't know, the Inequity mastery has been confirmed by Kabam to be broken. The quick version is that the damage reduction from applying debuffs only reduces the base attack of the opponent. This means that arena fights and duels will see the mastery work properly but the damage will not be sufficiently reduced whenever stat-increasing nodes are in place. That means Inequity won't correctly reduce the damage in situations like Alliance War, Alliance Quests, and many event quests where nodes are present.

This problem was confirmed in late 2017/early 2018. In January 2018, Kabam Miike posted that the problem had been solved and the fix would be rolled out along with the next update. He later posted that for reasons unknown to players, the fix would not roll out as planned. This was one of the last times Kabam gave any information about this mastery.

Since that time, many champions have been released and their champion spotlights recommend Inequity as a mastery that compliments the champ's kit. Void, Masacre, Annihilus, Human Torch, and others are among the champs who have Inequity listed as a recommended mastery despite Kabam's admission that it doesn't work properly.

I hope enough attention can be brought to this subject that Kabam decides to either fix the mastery or just refund the units used to unlock it (like they did with Mystic Dispersion).

Please Kabam…let us know what's going on with this expensive, faulty mastery.
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