Increasing Catalyst Capacity for Levels 25 and Below

Greetings Summoners,

Effective later today, we’re going to redistribute the increases in Catalyst Capacity that are gained by leveling up for lower level Players. As the game has progressed, getting these items earlier has become more common, so to prevent these valuable items from expiring before they can be used, we’ll be pushing the following changes later today:

Level 1:
- Increased T3CC Capacity to 3 per class
- Increased T1A Capacity to 5
- Increased T4B Capacity to 3
Level 20:
- Increased T4B Capacity to 5
- Increased T4CC Capacity to 3 per class
Level 25:
- Increased T4CC Capacity to 4 per class

There will be no change to the final amount of Catalysts you can hold at Level 60 at this time. Users that have passed these levels, but have not increased their Capacity beyond these, will automatically receive the updated capacities.
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