Auto-Opening of Old Crystals [UPDATE: IN PROGRESS]

Greetings Summoners,

In our continued efforts to improve the performance of our Game and Servers, we will be automatically opening a number of outdated Crystals so they can be cleared from our data. By opening these outdated Crystals that are held by a very small group of Summoners, we’ll be taking another step to improve our Server Stability for all of our players.

We will be taking this action within the next few weeks and wanted to let you know well in advance. We recommend that you open these Crystals yourself as soon as you can in order to avoid any confusion. Unfortunately, we are not able to give an exact date for this right now, as it will take some time to complete this entire list.

Upon logging in after these crystals have been automatically opened, you will find the contents of these Crystals in your Inventory, Stash, or Champion roster, but there will be no specific pop-up which lists the awarded items.

We understand that some Summoners keep a collection of Crystals for a variety of reasons, and apologize for any inconvenience from this triggered opening.

Below is a list of Crystals that will be affected:

2-Star Infinity Chaos Crystal
2-Star Punisher Crystal
2-Star Civil War Crystal
2-Star Wakandan Crystal
3-Star 2017 Nostalgia Crystal
3-Star Black Order Crystal
3-Star Omega Crystal
4-Star Binding Crystal
4-Star Liberty Crystal
4-Star Omega Crystal
5-Star Binding Crystal
Alliance Arena Crystal
Alliance Quest Crystal (These are not Map Crystals)
Blue Faction Hero Crystal
Chosen Champion Crystal
Civil War Crystal
Clash Crystal
Colossal Crystal
Community's Choice Crystal
Contest of Champions Crystal
Crystal Shard Crystal (YOLO Edition)
Discord Crystal
Faction Shard Crystal
Furocious Crystal
Greater Blue Faction Hero Crystal
Greater Initiative Crystal
Greater Iron Faction Hero Crystal
Greater Liberty Crystal
Guillotine Crystal
Half-Inch Crystal
Heavyweight Crystal
Holiday Crystal
Infinity Chaos Crystal
Initiative Crystal
Iron Faction Hero Crystal
Iso-8 Crystal
Legendary Infinity Chaos Crystal
Lesser Initiative Crystal
Lesser Liberty Crystal
Liberty Crystal
Logan Crystal
Long Live the King Crystal
Omega Crystal
Rivalry Crystal
Soul Boost Crystal
Strife Crystal
Summoner's Choice Crystal
Support Team Crystal
Team Blue Crystal
Team Iron Crystal
Ultimate Alliance War Defense Crystal
Ultimate Blue Faction Hero Crystal
Ultimate Deadpool (X-force) Crystal
Ultimate Infinity Chaos Crystal
Ultimate Inhumans Crystal
Ultimate Iron Faction Hero Crystal
Ultimate Liberty Crystal
Ultimate Sentinel Crystal
Ultimate Skull and Bones Crystal
Ultimate Strange Crystal
Ultimate Team Blue Crystal
Ultimate Team Iron Crystal
Ultimate Upper Deck Crystal
Ultimate Wolverine Crystal
Wakandan Jewel Crystal
Warring Factions Crystal
X-gene Crystal
Any Featured 5-Star Hero Crystal Released Prior to 2019
Any Previous Dungeon Crystal

A majority of these Crystals have not been available for many years. If you have any questions, or want clarification on any of these Crystals, don’t hesitate to ask in the Forums.
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