8.5M LF 1-2 4500+ for Expert AQ 5x5 (65555 regularly soon), Tier 2 AW, All non-arena milestones 100%

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We are Zdoom, an 8.5M ally and 1 of 5 alliances in the Corps family of alliances. We are looking for members who are capable and driven to succeed.

We complete Expert AQ 5x5 and are an AW Tier 2 alliance. We have completed Map 6 and are transitioning to regular 65555. Currently, we are looking for 1-2 replacements for players who have gone inactive due to RL.

The right candidate(s) will have the following:

-4.5K+ prestige with at least 1 5* R4 (or exceptional players who can show they are 1 T4CC away)
-200K+ rating
-Ability to handle your assigned paths in AQ 5x5 in a timely manner (Map 6 experience is a plus)
-Ability to handle your assigned paths in AW Tier 2 in a timely manner
-Ability to donate standard donations by Friday

We 100% all events except arena without strict minimums; however, please aim for the following: Completion 15K, Item Use 2.5K, Duels 650pts., SA 10K.

LINE app required.

If interested, contact Cptdex214 or theknight... on LINE app. Please provide screenshots of your AQ and AW scores. Thank you.
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