Recruiting one - 17mil / Low stress / Gold 1-2 / 80mil AQ / No donations

We are a friendly group of working adults who enjoy playing the game, while also keeping demands reasonable. We are looking for one new member to replace a long time member who no longer has sufficient time to play.

About us:

We scored Gold 1 Season 7; we just missed it Season 8. We’ll certainly be trying for it Season 9.

We do mainly Map 4, with a little bit of Map 2 and Map 5 each set. We always hit the 80mil milestone.l (and have designed AQ in such a way that enables us to always make this).

We do well in nearly all alliance events, with the exception of arena-related events—I’d say about half of the alliance can’t commit to serious grinding—and we’re ok with that.

We are a respectful group that always strives to be better while never stomping our feet if something goes awry.

We all have a solid team of 4/55s or higher. Most of us also have at least one r5 5* or r2 6*.

Who we are looking for:

Someone who can handle their line in tier 6 AW (we occasionally drop to tier 7 or up to tier 5). Or, in the case of being the assigned backup, someone who is responsible and versatile and can help where needed.

Someone who is able to log in several times a day to move on their AW/AQ path.

Someone who is down-to-earth and looking for a group of friendly summoners to share in the experience of playing this game.

Must have LINE app and be willing to communicate.

To contact me:

Send me a message on LINE: sillycaitlin

If you want to check us out, my in game name in the same, but I’ll only respond via line.


  • SillyCaitlinSillyCaitlin Posts: 510

    You know you want to... we’re fun! 😊
  • SillyCaitlinSillyCaitlin Posts: 510
    Still looking. Find me on line: sillycaitlin

    We have a member leaving after this attack phase.
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