v22.1 bugs

Can you give a quick update please about some of the bugs that came with v22.1 and haven’t been fixed yet in v23.0.1?
The bugs I still have are:
* sentinel recover faster after special attack and cannot be countered (most of the times)
* Sometimes after using sp3 champ dash forward automatically
* Back draft intercept doesn’t works as before
* Switching NC modes by hitting light hit and hold block doesn’t works as before

The last two are more of a change in the “AI” behavior than a “bug”, but you confirmed few weeks ago that you haven’t made any change with the AI and still investigating.

I haven’t heard any update for weeks and I don’t know if these bugs/changes are here to stay and need to live with it, or if you are still working on it and we need to wait, or as far as you know the problem was fixed and for some reason I’m one of the few that still have problems.



  • Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,586 ★★★
    Please refer to the known issues thread for the status of in-progress fixes. For any other reported issues, refer to the latest updates in the individual threads about the issues rather than starting a new discussion.
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