4* Max Sig Crystal drops

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To date, the only thing that made up for me continuing to pull bottom of the barrel 4* champs that are on my roster at Level 99 has been the max sig crystal dropping another 275 5* shards.

I once pulled a 4* awakening gem, which was awesome.

All that came to a smash in the face today when a max sig crystal dropped me TWO tech sig stones. How is that drop even close to a 4* awakening gem? How is that drop even close to 275 5* shards?

It’s not. It’s not even close to the continent of equivalent value to the old drop rates. When I pulled my (at least 7th) Howard the Duck... I thought “550 5* shards at least!”

And all there was was 2 sig levels on a 4* champ so I could get more crappy sig stones.

Thanks Kabam!


  • MMCskippyMMCskippy Posts: 352 ★★
    More useful that 275 5* shards which used to be 90% of the drops?
  • MMCskippyMMCskippy Posts: 352 ★★
    I guess my main problem with your reasoning is that if someone has a roster where they have 4* champs at Level 99 TO GET A 4* MAX SIG STONE when they dupe a 4* for the 7th time and from there on out every time they dupe that champ, they don’t need 4* sig stones... 5* sig stones? Sure.
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    Dude... I would never flag someone for criticizing me. I saw it and didn't agree with whoever flagged your comment.

    I do see your point that 4* sig stones are an in game resource we can always use.

    The point of my initial complaint is that when you dupe up a 4* champ that has zero use in game, Colossus for example, the only benefit when I pull him (again) after he's at level 99 was the pretty much guaranteed extra 5* shards. Now that I saw some drops from that crystal that are substantially less rare than 5* shards, it makes pulling those already less useful champs more frustrating.

    When I open a 4* crystal, I'm hoping for one of the 30 champs that I can pull through a crystal opening. When I get a champ I've pulled more than 7 times, especially a crummy one, the only redeeming this was the extra 5* shards for me.

    I'm not sure where you're at with your roster, but I've played for a longer time than I thought it would take for me to roster all 4* champs. 8 of the 30 champs I'm missing are champs that have been out for a lot longer than a year. When your roster gets full and feels stale, you want to pull new champs that mix things up a bit and if you don't get that, you want more resources to have another champ pull. I think that's why the mag sig ability stones were intended for initially.

    I think Colossus only has use when your roster is small and you need a bleed immune champ on a questing team. That's why I think he's bum champ. He's the mutant Joe Fixit. There's one in every class.
  • Never realized there were even Awakening's in the 4* MaxSig Crystal. Must be extremely rare. SigStones are more common, although still rare compared to just getting another 275 shards for a 5*. Consider them the opposite end of the bell curve (the low probability of an F grade in school).

    Agree, getting a SigStone pales in comparison to an Awakening. I’d rather they didn’t have SigStones in there (or even maybe Awakenings ?) at all. Just give me the 5* shards that are standard, or the rare Immortal IronFist (which after 4 years, just got and Dup’d as 4* not too long ago).
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    I rarely get Sigs. Mostly Shards, which I have no problems with at all.
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    @SummonerNR I'm still shocked that I haven't pulled the Immortal IF in 3* or 4*. I've duped up OG Punisher naturally and that seemed to take forever. Even with that being said, I've only ever pulled two OG Punishers.

    It would be nice to hit the IIF lottery if I don't get shards.
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