Womt to talk what im like so far

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I’m like the thanos figth in EQ That it. I’m like how u can get indity stones but. That this mind part after the fixed. Got even harder you basically dying to domino for danm no reasoned at all it like saying he go buy a revies I’m never truget that haw it was meant to be but that how I’m fell. So migt just be me but spikes aromer one top of. Dominos crt fail just from blok becasse of mastery parry ect. And ever time u either was to pro ability. So you had one chaois to make It rigth but u didt this save the battle realm is pure bad I’m like the design and the stone. But it need so much better. It is a mis one that for me. Not gone rank op a Ironman to stil see him dies. But thx for the asommme thonas figth.


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    Yeah, it's been pretty boring and unrewarding so far. I wish it had a little more thought put into it. Great event for new players I guess..
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