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Question Re: account recovery

Hello summoners and admins, I am just wondering is there any way to recover an account when the email address has been forgotten?

Just a second account of mine I haven’t played in months and I’ve completely forgotten the email address, I do however have purchase history and all other details including password.

I have raised tickets and all I get are automated messages asking for an email address when I have submitted all other details.

Now pretty sure I’m out of luck here but I just wanted confirmation from a person instead of a machine that doesn’t seem to understand that the first thing I told them was that I forgot the email address.

Any clarification on this would be great, thanks.


  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 1,957 ★★★
    I assume you’re tried the password you said you know, using all the various email addresses you currently have (or formerly had). Or do you mean you had just created a random/throwaway email account just for purposes of having a 2nd account in game, and never kept track of what it was ?

    They probably want to see that you can indeed receive an email tied to that other account, so that they know you didn’t buy the 2nd game account from someone else. But providing detailed purchase history should help them verify it is you.
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 3,601 ★★★★
    Do check whether this link can help you.

    It does state the condition of forgetting the email.
  • I used an email address that doesn’t actually exist, just made up a name for an email at the Kabam registration screen, i guess I shouldn’t be surprised one day i would be having a problem like this.

    I mean this acc is low level, summoner lvl 30 just my first 5* Was a ghost rider, that was the only thing good It had going for it.

    What you are saying about a bought account makes sense though and it’s no wonder they ask such a question.

  • Thanks for the replies summoners, think I’m screwed without that email link, lol
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