Idiotic stance after hit by L3

Anyone noticed your attacked stand their like and idiot doing nothing after hit by L3. Just wont do anything when I swipe or block. What a garbage


  • dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 1,266 ★★★
    I've just noticed this in arena .. yes ..

    when AI uses lvl 3 ... after animation, you're pretty much screwed ...

    - holding block during animation - no effect, you just stand there while AI hits you
    - dash back at end of animation - too late, AI is already comboing you.
    - spam light attack - AI already comboing you ..

    It seems like the same "bug" related to when we use our SP3 .. and hold block, causes a dash forward . something is messing with the commands or dropping them during animation/end of .. whatever ..

    never had this issue before in the years I've played ... :)

    Challenging - yes ..
    irritating - oh a bit ... O.o
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