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Endgame event suggestion/idea.

If I were in charge of creating an event for May month...

Introduce a boss rush with MCU Thanos + MCU infinity stones!
Boss rush would include Nebula, Gamora, The Black Order & MCU Thanos as final boss.

7 fights in total.
FIGHT 1: Nebula charged by space stone.
All debuffs are instantly teleported (shrugged off).
Projectile attacks all teleported back to attacker, reflecting all direct damage back to them.

FIGHT 2: Gamora charged by soul stone.
"Sacrifice" mechanic gives Gamora indestructible buff at every 20 percent interval lasting 'x' seconds. At 10% health Gamora gains indestructible buff lasting 10 seconds.

FIGHT 3: Proxima charged by power stone.
Promixa gains power gain buff. Also receives attack boost and high physical + energy resistance.

FIGHT 4:Corvus charged by time stone.
"Rewind" restores any health Corvus may have lost while rewind buff was up.
If attacker uses identical sequence of attack consecutively, "time loop" activates and attacker is stunned for 'x' seconds. Very aggressive defender.

FIGHT 5: Cull charged by reality stone.
Passive "reality" buff inverts controls for entire fight. Cannot be nullified, eaten, converted.

FIGHT 6: Ebony Maw charged by mind stone.
"Mind tricks" buff allows Ebony to demand your specials, resulting in attacker releasing special attacks unwillingly.
"Give me that!" mechanic forces attacker to give Ebony any and all buffs.
Attacker cannot reach SP3 due to mental restrictions.

FIGHT 7: MCU Thanos with Gauntlet
Enter match and SURPRISE! Another Cull Obsidian fight!! Attacker was fighting fake Cull in first fight. Normal controls, normal Cull for this fight.

MCU Thanos (No armor, with gauntlet) appears after Cull is defeated. All infinity stones active in this fight!
Reality charge is however limited to when Thanos activates special attacks and can be deactivated by intercepting or activating own special attack.
Thanos SP3 is the snap! Instant kill plus all remaining attackers will have 50% of their remaining health removed. (Original Avengers don't suffer from this)
At 50% health, Thanos activates "Balance Is Restored" and attacker will regen or degen to 50% depending on current health at the time.
At 30% health, Thanos enters Endgame phase. Thanos loses gauntlet and wears armor + double sword. Heavy and special attacks animations change and Thanos gains 200% armor, attack + physical resistance. After activating special, Thanos is stun immune for 5 seconds. All special attacks are unblockable. During heavies, Thanos is Unstoppable.
"All that for a drop of blood" drops bleed potency by 90% (Avengers only suffer 50%).
Poison Immune. All attackers have a class disadvantage.

**Also to note: This would be the introduction of Outriders in Alliance Quest, replacing Sentinels**
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