Allow me to introduce myself!

Well met summoners!

My name is Thel and I am extraordinarily excited to be here as the newest addition to the community team at Kabam!

I will be poking my head in from time to time but my primary role is to help the rest of the team with all of the behind the scenes magic and with other projects like the content creator program.

Fun facts about me:

- Naturally, I am a Colossal MCOC and Marvel fan, I’ve been reading all of the Graphic novels since I was young and my favorite character has got to be Silver Surfer. I even picked up longboarding as a hobby because of him when I was younger.

- I am also a huge video game fan (Obviously) and some of my favorite genres are MMORPG’s, ARPG’s, brawlers and FPS’s.

- Favorite games include SSBM, Halo 2, every Borderlands except the pre sequel, Diablo and the Witcher series.

- I can play exactly two instruments, the didgeridoo (look it up) and the drums.

- I love movies! (So much so that I minored in film studies at University)

- I love to cook in my spare time favorite thing to make has got to be thai curry!

Looking forward to working with this incredible community, we have lots of great stuff on the way that I can’t wait for you to see!
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