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Who to upgrade?

I’ve got an awakened 4* Taskmaster, R4, and an un-awakened 5* Night Thrasher, R2. So who should I upgrade? Both would have relatively the same health and damage output, so I guess it all comes down to which champion is better. I’d love to hear from players who have BOTH champions, and take into consideration that I need to get through Act 5. Thanks


  • MoudouMoudou Posts: 151
    Night Thrasher. As people sometimes say, you need PhD to play Taskmaster well. Night Thrasher is getting very popular, checkout KT1 youtube channel, some useful Night Thrasher videos there
  • Eli9494Eli9494 Posts: 6
    not a fan of taskmaster myself. I don't have night thrasher, but he's got to be better than Taskmaster. I know how to use tm not to impressed with him.
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