Venom not stopping Spider-Verse champs from evading

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I was doing Act 5.2.3 and I entered and saw a Spiderman classic, so I left to get my Venom, when I went to fight Spiderman with my Venom he started evading, so I'm confused, is this a bug or is it something to do with that level, I have a 4/40 unduped Venom if that helps, also, I have a video if you want to see it, but I can't upload it here because it is too big and isn't the right file type, thanks for the help in advance!


  • LormifLormif Posts: 3,531 ★★★★
    buffet is removing your buff that prevents the evade.
  • will-o-wispwill-o-wisp Posts: 7,198 Guardian
    Just like killmonger/heimdall/karnak and etc need a true strike ability to stop evade abilities, Venom needs his klyntar buff to stop theevade as well ...
  • Your fellow Summoners are correct. Venom does not have an innate ability on his own to prevent Spider-verse Characters from Evading, but does get a Klyntar Buff that will prevent it.

    If this Buff is removed (like by Buffet in 5.2.3), he will not have the ability to suppress their evasion anymore.
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