Colossus buff

Legendary_MZ15Legendary_MZ15 Posts: 10
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Hi quick question.
When is the new colossus buff coming out? And also what new abilities will he have?


  • Patience! We'll let you know when things are rolling.
  • VOLK1902VOLK1902 Posts: 26
    edited May 15
    I think it will happen in July or August.
  • StellarStellar Posts: 59
    Would be great to have Colossus in human form with the ability to change in its osmium form during the fight or with a pre-fight ability granting him a huge gain of passive armor and damage :)
  • codebreakercodebreaker Posts: 11
    I just hope he becomes usable on both offense and defense like thing and not just be a defense only champion like korg
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