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As you can see I don’t do dungeons. If I were to beat these objectives, would there be a whole new set of objectives or is that it?
Edited LOL!!! I forgot the pic.


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    If you look on the left of the objective name, in this case 'room smasher' you will notice it has 1/3 which means you are working on the first of three steps for that objective.
    However, to answer your question, once you complete all 3 parts it will not be replaced until they add more Summoners Journey objectives, but hopefully they will be adding new special objectives each month so there will always be something to do.
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    The 1/3 I do understand that.
    I was hoping for something new because the T4 class cat crystal was nice.
    I guess like you said, hopefully they will add more.
    Thank you
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