Early Look: Alliance Quest Season 6

Hey Summoners,

Over the last year, Alliance Quests have changed a lot. We’ve had Sentinels added, a new Season, new Minibosses, and even a new Map among other big changes, like the addition of Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments.

As we move closer to our next evolution, we wanted to give you an early look at Alliance Quests: Season 6. We’re currently working on this new update to Alliance Quests, and we are hoping to launch Season 6 alongside our 23.1 release next month.

We are still working on the exact date and the contents of this update, and we will have a formal announcement with more information closer to the launch, but wanted to bring you some of the information we do know as early as possible so you can prepare yourselves for the dawn of Season 6: Mad Titan’s Wrath.

NOTE: All of the below information is subject to change.If you have feedback, please share it with us!


As with all new Seasons of Alliance Quests, Season 6 brings with it a new Boss. Season 6’s Boss across all Maps will be the newly released NAMELESS THANOS.


For those who have been fighting against the Thanos wielding the Infinity Gauntlet in the Avengers Forever event, fear not - Thanos in Season 6 will not have his Infinity Stones, but he will have slightly different Nodes than the current Kingpin:


With the return of an old foe in Thanos, and our efforts to diversify your experience between each Alliance Quest Series, we’ve taken the opportunity to re-introduce some classic “Minions” alongside the Sentinels.

Now, each “variation” of Alliance Quests will feature a different type of Minion Character: Sentinels, Symbioids, and Ultron Drones. The classes of these characters will match, so anywhere you see a Skill Sentinel, you’ll see a Skill Drone, etc.

These minion variations change the same way minibosses do, so you’ll always see the same minions with the same miniboss, but in the same way the minibosses are randomly selected each series, so are the minions. Speaking of minibosses…


Thanos’ arrival means new guardians on your way to defeat him. Every single map except Map 7 will feature at least 2 new minibosses to square off against. Below are the Minibosses for each and their current Buffs, though as a reminder, this is subject to change.

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Map 2 and 5 are some of our most played Maps, so we’re taking this opportunity to refresh them in a more significant way than just mini-bosses. We’ve added a new variation to each that will feature a new set of Champions across each Map to face off against.

This change is mostly to cycle out older Champions and keep things fresh, and no Local Nodes will be changing as part of this new variation - we’re saving the path shifting for Map 7, exclusively.


Map 7 will also be receiving numerous updated path identities. Many of these will not require new types of champions to deal with, but instead apply the challenge of that path in a different way. An example of this would be Freezerburn, which Incinerates and Coldsnaps the Attacker in the same way Biohazard applies Bleeds and Poisons. This doesn’t change the fact that you’ll need an Incinerate Immune Champion, but it does alter the way in which this challenge is presented.

We won’t go into every individual detail of which node is changing right now, but the majority of changes are NOT to the Champions and unique Nodes applied to them (though some of these are changing), and instead focus on the path identities throughout all 3 variations of Map 7. Those path identity changes are what’s noted below, alongside descriptions of new Nodes. Highlighted Paths denote that the identity appears again in another section of the same variation.

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We’ve crafted some brand new Buffs for this Season of Alliance Quests! A few of these buffs act as new path identities, and there are also some new ones used in more specific encounters.

Here are the descriptions of every new Buff that’s currently slated to appear in Alliance Quest Season 6 at this time. Keep in mind, as with the rest of this information, this is all subject to tuning and functionality changes, or even removal from the content. We’ve also made notes on some of these to clarify what strategies we’re targeting so you have a better sense of how to tackle them.

Special Chaos Inversion
The Attacker's Dash and Dodge controls are inverted from the start of the Defender's Special Attacks until just after they end.
This is only used on Thanos, and functions nearly identically to the way Emma Frost’s Signature Ability does in that the first action after the Special Attack will be inverted.

When striking the Defender, the Attacker has a X% chance to be inflicted with an Incinerate Debuff, dealing X% of the Defender's current Attack as direct damage over X seconds. When Striking the Defender's Block, the Attacker has a X% chance to be inflicted with a Coldsnap Debuff, dealing X% of the Defender's current Attack as direct damage over X seconds.
This Buff is exactly the same as the existing Biohazard, but instead requires at least an Incinerate immune Champion with a specific play style.

Whenever the Defender's healing abilities would be reduced or reversed by a Debuff, they instead heal with X% Potency and deals X% of their Attack as Direct Damage to the Attacker over X Seconds.
This Buff was (if you remember our Map 7 announcement) originally planned to be on Omega Red when map 7 launched, but was not working at the time. Now, it will replace Indomitable on him, but as a result, his Recovery Buffs have been reduced by 100% (from 150% and 200% to 50% and 100%).

When a Poison, Shock, Bleed, Incinerate, or Plasma Debuff is placed on the Defender, the same Debuff is placed to the Attacker, dealing X% of the Defender's Attack over X Seconds.
This Buff is meant to provide a detriment to those who can only deal damage over time Buffs, but are not immune to them. Characters who have Immunity to the DOTs they deal will perform well here, such as Ultron (Classic and Prime), Mephisto, Korg, Human Torch, etc.

Terminal Velocity
Every Time the Defender is struck by a Critical Hit, even through a Block, they increase their defensive Power Gain Rate by X% up to a maximum of X%
With Terminal Velocity, especially as it’s being used, you’ll need to be more careful as the fight goes on about baiting Specials and using your true strike Champions.

One Eye Open
X% of the Damage dealt to the Defender while they are stunned is dealt back to the Attacker.
The best strategy with One Eye Open is to use the “Mordo trick”, where you wait until your Parry Stun is about to expire, and time your attack to land just afterwards.

After activating a Special Attack, the Defender becomes Unstoppable and has a X% chance to Evade incoming attacks for X seconds.
With the Slow Debuff, you’ll be able to completely shut this down. She-Hulk and Spider-Gwen are the best Champions here, but anyone who can Power Control or remove Unstoppable will also be useful.

Tunnel Vision
When the Attacker performs the same action twice in a row, they have a X% chance to gain a Falter Debuff, which causes them to Miss their next attack. When the Attacker's strikes Miss, this Falter Debuff is removed. Special Attacks do not count towards this effect.
Ebony Maw’s Falter Debuff is used here to encourage you to mix up your combos and play the game at a different rhythm. Outside of playing the game differently, Champions who have abilities that prevent them from missing like Nick Fury or Human Torch will work well here.

Taunt Immunity
This Defender is Immune to Taunt.
This is pretty self-explanatory.

Backboard Brawler
While this Defender is pinned against a wall, they gain a permanent Passive Fury and Passive Armor every X seconds. Each Fury increases their base Attack by X% up to X%, and each Armor increases their Armor Rating by X up to X.
Paired with Oscillate, this Buff emphasizes bringing a reliable Armor Breaker and creates a powerful back-and-forth in the battle. Be careful when Oscillate switches into the Fury mode - your Opponent will be very dangerous!

For each Debuff the Defender has suffered since the start of the fight, every X seconds they activate a permanent Fury Buff increasing their Attack by X%. If these Fury Buffs are Nullified or removed in any way, the Defender gains X% of their max Power for each Buff Nullified.
Unlike a Buff such as Limber that eventually makes the Defender Immune to Stuns, this Buff simply has consequences for debuffing the Opponent. You’ll be able to nullify the Buffs one by one (that’s the best option for power control), or, you can try and stack them all up and Nullify them in one go with someone like Morningstar or Magik. Just make sure that’s actually going to defeat them!

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
This Defender takes X% less Damage unless the Attacker is Unstoppable. For as long as the Attacker is Unstoppable, the Defender gains Fury, increasing their Attack by X%, True Strike, and a passive Power Gain, granting them X% of a Bar of Power every second.
This Buff is all about getting Aggressive. There are plenty of Champions who can become Unstoppable - you’ll just need to be as aggressive as possible and get your damage in while they’re in that state.

What’s Yours is Mine
Whenever the Defender has a Weakness Debuff applied to them, a Fury Buff with X% of the Weakness' potency is given to the Attacker for X seconds. While the Attacker does not have a Fury Buff from this effect, the Attacker deals X% less damage to the Defender.
This buff seems complex, but is pretty simple - just steal the Opponent’s Attack. Wasp, Spider-Man (Symbiote) and even Captain America (Infinity War) with a Science Champion at his side are great options. The Resonate Mastery also works.

This Defender has X% defensive Power Gain, and cannot be Power Drained or Power Locked.
Enervate Champions will do exceptionally well here. Spider-Gwen or Gwenpool will be handy, but there is a Korg on this path, so Gwenpool will be slightly hampered in that fight. Power Burn is also a great option, so Doctor Voodoo, Dormammu, or even Vulture and Psylocke can work well.

Empowered Regeneration
Whenever the Attacker Regenerates health, the Defender is dealt direct damage equal to X% of the Health gained, but the Defender takes X% less damage from all other sources and is immune to Damage Over Time effects.
If you want to succeed on the Empowered Regeneration path, you’ll need easy access to Regeneration Buffs. That’s it - sounds simple, but this path is definitely tricky. This does interact with Salve and Willpower, however, so if you have that active, you’ll get a small additional benefit. Some great options here are X-23, King Groot, Morningstar, Bishop, The Champion, Rogue, Omega Red… the list goes on...

Pleasure to Burn
Incinerate Debuffs and Passives deal X% more damage to the Defender, and they take X% less damage from all sources unless they are inflicted with an Incinerate Debuff or Passive.
Pretty self-explanatory - bring people who deal lots of Incinerates! Human Torch is (obviously) a great choice, but Crossbones, Domino, Hyperion, and Phoenix are solid choices too.

Acid Wash
Poison Debuffs and Passives deal X% more damage to the Defender, and they take X% less damage from all sources unless they are inflicted with a Poison Debuff or Passive.
This one’s a bit trickier than Pleasure to Burn, but functions the same way. Voodoo is an absolute unit on this path, but King Groot and Ant-Man also work well.


It hasn’t been long since our last rewards update, and while we want to save our bigger rewards update for a little later, we did want to make some adjustments to rewards with this new Season. Many of these are still being finalized, but we do have some goals in mind for Season 6’s rewards.

First and foremost, we want to increase the availability of Tier 4 Basic and Class Catalysts for early and mid-level users, so the Ranked Rewards will be seeing an increase and wider distribution of these rewards further down the Ranks. The Glory Store will also be seeing reduced costs on Glory Crystals and the Class Specific Tier 4 Catalyst Fragments.

As for Map 7, there will be a shift in the challenges of the map, so we have added an additional 200 Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments to Map 7 Exploration. Over 4 Alliance Quest Series’, it equates to a little over 25% of a full Tier 5 Basic per month in addition to the existing Tier 5 Basic Fragments already in Conqueror and Ranked Rewards. This amount is guaranteed, so even if you have bad luck with Map 7 Crystals, or you’re unable to reach the top ranks, playing Map 7 will reward you with more Tier 5 Basic Catalysts than Conqueror Rewards alone.

We’ve also made some more granular adjustments to Maps 1-3. All 3 Maps now have an additional reward for fully exploring them. Map 1 features Tier 1 Alpha Catalyst Fragments, Map 2 contains Tier 4 Basic Catalyst Fragments, and Map 3 awards a Tier 4 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal. Additionally, all fights across Maps 1-3 will now award Gold, plus an additional chance to earn a small amount of Glory.


Once again, we want to reiterate that all of this information is intended as an early look, and that it is all subject to change. We aim to start Season 6 early next month, so keep an eye out for more information and an official announcement on the way soon!
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