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Please fix Alliance Help event

Hi Kabam!

humble suggestion

Right now the "Alliance Help" 24 event has a big problem inherent in the design. I know this event was meant to encourage alliance members to press the "help" button for some easy rewards, and that's great! but... it actually does the exact opposite.

Why? Because there is a 1000 loyalty cap on how much loyalty you can get from pressing the help button every day, and once you reach that cap, it is impossible to get points for this event. I've noticed myself and many other players intentionally getting up to 900 or 980 loyalty and then stopping, for fear that there might be another Alliance Help event rolling around, so it actually DECREASES the amount of help you are getting from your alliance, which stinks.

Possible solutions:

1. Make it so that merely pressing the help button gets you points for this event, whether or not you gain any loyalty from it.

2. Make it so that everyone's 1000 loyalty cap is automatically reset every time a new Alliance Help event spawns... or... just make it so that everyone's limit automatically is in-line with the timing of the daily events.

3. Increase the rewards, and turn this in to a 2-day or 3-day event. That way, even if you miss out on getting any points the first day, you can easily participate during the remaining 1-2 days of the event and get the rewards.

4. Just remove the 1000 loyalty cap from the game entirely. You'd get a lot more people helping their alliance mates (though I'd strongly recommend a "help all" button, as I've suggested before, or maybe a "help 8", or "help 16," or "help 50." And what's the downside of this? You'd end up with a lot of people getting an extra 20 signature levels on their 5* Unstoppable Colossus?? Ooh.. scary. Honestly I think this is the best option even if it's the least likely to be implemented. Turning it in to a 3-day event with much better rewards would be my 2nd choice. Option 1 would be easiest, though. At least do option 1 that much is a no-brainer. Otherwise you are penalizing people for pressing help too much.


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    SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 11,471 Guardian

    ... I've noticed myself and many other players intentionally getting up to 900 or 980 loyalty and then stopping, for fear that there might be another Alliance Help event rolling around ...

    That doesn't make sense (?) First, it is fairly easy to remember that the Help Event always follows Alliance Loyalty Spend event (think of 2 alliance based events, donating Loyalty and then Giving Help). Secondly, even if you didn't know when Help event would come up, why would stopping at 900-980 do much good for a Help Event that comes after you’ve already used up “most” of the potential Help points (you'd only be able to earn a very little once Help Event Started, so at that point might as well have given full Help up and beyond the limit beforehand).

    However, if you were making the point that NO HELP is being given during the whole morning (during end of Loyalty Spend) until the Help Event starts midday, then that is a valid point. Personally, I only give Energy Help that particular morning (and then maybe only if I see that those people are still online and could use the energy). So at least I have most of my Help points still available for later in the day.

    Might be a mute point though now, as I think the top Milestone Help Event points might have recently been lowered from 1500 to 1000 now, changed when they did some redistribution of Milestone rewards between all the various events the last several weeks (??)
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    Ivanka_HumpalotIvanka_Humpalot Posts: 51
    I don't care about the milestones the issue is that once you reach the 1000 cap then it's impossible to qualify to get rewards for the event until the next day when the cap refreshes. If the time that your loyalty gaining refreshes closely coincides with the time that the event starts/ends, then there's a good chance that you won't be online in the window when you would be able to participate. There are several easy ways to fix this which I outlined.
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    Ivanka_HumpalotIvanka_Humpalot Posts: 51
    But if you're right that Alliance Help always follows Loyalty Spend then knowing this would make this a problem only 1 day out of the week not every day. I just think some people don't know this. I didn't.
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    SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 11,471 Guardian
    Yes, Help Event has always been after Loyalty Spend (ever since they re-did the Events a while ago), it is a good way to know if Help is coming up.

    And although most people's Help Limit Reset is overnight (US times), and opposite of when Events start, there are a few people here and there who (for some reason that I’ve never been able figure out yet) have a Help Reset time that is different from everyone else. Maybe 2 or 3 out of 30 people in alliance might be different.
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