Rank up gem for IMIW?

johara84johara84 Posts: 142
So here is my conundrum. I have a regular tech rank 4 gem and a 2015 tech gem. I plan on using the 2015 on duped SL or Ultron (like everyone else). I already have sparky at r5, and have Dock Oc and Yondu as 6*s. I have 7 other r4s. so this would jsut be filling out my roster with no intention of taking to r5. My question is should I use the regular gem on duped IMIW or hold it for Sentinel, Ghost, or a different tech champ. Thanks for any advice.


  • RichardCraniumRichardCranium Posts: 94
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    Imiw duped is still a viable defender. If your bg doesnt have one and you dont have an r4 defender might not be a bad plan.

    Sentinal would be a solid r4. Dual immune, tanky and can double as a defender.

    Ghost is one of the top champs, if not best champ in game. Well worth it but you might wait forever before getting her.

    2015 for ultron/sl is smart choice.

    I should specify my recommendations come from t5/t6 wars. Ive no idea past those how well imiw/sent would do.
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