Act 6.1 Crossbones - i still need help.

WoozieWoozie Posts: 472 ★★
I rank 4/55ed my unduped Omega Red who many people said were sufficient to beat Crossbones, however I find his Vigor to still be way too powerful. I've beaten CB twice now but with great expense (4-500 units per run), am I supposed to keep chipping away at CB and not get fazed if he regens back to full health? Someone in my alliance did it with a R4 Iceman in 250 hits so I'm not sure if this is a case of trying again i.e git gud or Omega being unduped it's not doable.


  • Hey Woozie, there's a dedicated thread HERE for discussing Act 6 Chapter 1 strategies and tips. To help keep the Forum tidy, I'll go ahead and close this one.
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