Act 6.1 & 4* ban thoughts

OnmixOnmix Posts: 359 ★★★
Hey everybody,

With the recent announcement on 6.2 gates I think there is not much to gain in discussing 6.2 until we've experienced it, so I though it would be good to hear what everybody thinks of 6.1 now that we've had some time to play it and maybe provided some feedback to kabam about how we feel 6.1 was.

Personally I think the content was doable without 4* but if I had my 4* I would've spent way less units than I did.
I still use 4* to cover the weaknesses of my 5*/6* roster so for example the 20 fights against sentinel (10 in 6.1.2 and 10 in 6.1.6) would've been way easier if I could've used my 4* R5 medusa. I still believe that if we can use 5* R3 we should be able to use 4*.

I did not find most fights particularly difficult in the sense that a 4* couldn't have done it. But I do find that kabams objectives of exploring roster breadth are apparent in the way the content was designed. I think 4* should still be a part of that breadth.

Maybe we could gate act 6 by number of 5* instead of restricting 4* altogether. Similar to how dungeon crystals are.
By number of R4? R5?
Act 5 exploration?
Maybe just R5 4* are allowed?

What does everybody think? Are you happy without 4* in 6.1? Could there be another solution without restricting 4* but still preventing unready players (and their future frustration) from attempting it?
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