Just curious

I pretty much never grind in arena, but since summer is here and I have a skill gem, im grinding for Ægon rn.

I’m slightly-not-really nervous that kabam might think I’m botting (which I would never do; cheating is pathetic to me) because I’m playing so much and timing coming back as my champs are ready to be used again. The only reason this came to mind was because I remember a ban excuse post that was saying it was a new player who was told by a friend to grind arenas early and he did for hours on end and ended up getting banned. I’m sure this wouldn’t happen to me, but I want a little extra confirmation from other summoners/mods if they see this post.



  • Savio444Savio444 Posts: 1,357
    I use to do arena like that, came back as soon or a few minutes before they reset. You should be fine. Goodluck on the grind.
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