Looking for active player after war season is over

We are boarder line gold 2 alliance looking for 1 or possibly 2 to join us after war season rewards are out.

Ideally looking for European players as we are mainly a UK alliance. But we have some from the eastern USA so if your from there we would happily have you.

We carry out map 4 so no donations needed. We found to carry out map 5 you had to be on the game nearly all day as you cant double up on lanes. So we stick to map 4 now. 

Feel free to add me in game or line at connor892.

Again we are looking for active team player to come over to us after war season ends and rewards are out. 

If your out growing your alliance or looking to slow down i would like to hear from you. Would love someone with a strong defence for war with a great boss.but mainly I want to hear from active team players who can complete their war lane with out back up. We run war and quest together so have at least 11 good champs. 
Active team players come forward and join our family. 

Come for a chat and see what we can sort out. 

Ally tag is EFTD 
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