New Captain Marvel tips & suggestions?

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Just pulled the new Movie-based version of Captain Marvel as a 5* and am starting to look into her abilities and decide how much I should invest into her.

I can take her all the way up to R5, can awaken her with a gem, and add ~100 sig stones.

All of the "OMG look at her damage" stuff I've found so far is based on having the Nick Fury synergy. I do have him as a maxed 3*, but generally don't like having a throw-away slot in my team.

If I took her to R5, she would join R5 Blade and R2 Domino at the top of my lineup.

At a minimum, she'll get to R3.

So 2 questions
1) How high should she get ranked?
2) Worth using a generic AG on her?
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