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Ebony Maw's right Thanos Bodyguard's Death Touch Ability Question

At first please forgive me if i do anything wrong, its my first post on the forums.

I was just fighting the right Thanos that comes just before the Ebony Maw Boss in this Montly UC EQ. What i panfully noticed during the last phase is that his Death Touch lets Thanos oneshot you once he touches you.

I went out, picked out a different champion, read his abilities where the Death Touch is listed as an ability under his Special 3 text. I started the fight thinking that i can smash Thanos until he uses an SP3 and then i would need to swipe back for 5 seconds and start again. To my surprise Thanos gets his Death Touch once the fight starts and he triggers his last phase.

Why does the Death Touch trigger with the last phase when it is an ability written under his Special 3 and not under the last phase description?


  • The features of the phases actually begin when he enters that phase, as well as again once he executes the SP each time.
    Somewhere else in description says something like (begins each phase in that particular “State”), and then describes what the State is underneath that SP description. Not very well written, but now you know.

    Same for final Thanos Boss SP2 State (in next quest), he will begin with Reverse Control right when he moves to that state, and then again later when he actually executes each SP2.
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