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(SPOILERS AHEAD) Question about Ghost in the MCU

I know others might've asked about this but what specifically happened to Ghost after Endgame or even after Infinity War?

If she got snapped away that is a valid explanation

If she didn't then how did she survive since (remember the MCU is currently in 2023 or 5 years from now but not actually it just says 5 years) she needs those weird quantum rays or whatever as we see in Ant-Man and the Wasp. She said she would die from her molecular disequilibrium in two weeks during the movie however it might be prolonged cause of the end where Janet Van Dyne gave her some healing

Also another Sidequestion: If Ant-man was stuck in the quantum realm how come he didn't grow old?
Edit: Kevin Feige said he was stuck in the quantum realm for 5 hours during the 5 year period so my bad (but shouldn't it be reversed?)

If this was already answered sorry for wasting everyone's time here but that's kind of what you are supposed to do on a forum. ;)


    I know but I'm asking about Ghost
  • CanarioCanario Posts: 166
    I'm guessing she actually did turn into a ghost
  • FingfangfoomfanesFingfangfoomfanes Posts: 1,102 ★★★
    More importantly, WHY is Janet? Jk
  • FingfangfoomfanesFingfangfoomfanes Posts: 1,102 ★★★
    Possible. How did she know about time vorteces if she didnt come into contact with one?

    The thing is if 5 years is 5 hours, how is janet so old from 30 years there(which is equal to 30 hours)? Not even 2 days

    I believe she even said she spent years in the quantum realm. So maybe she figured out time travel, or time varies depending on which part of the quantum realm you are in
    I heard a lot about Black Knight having a bubble castle in the Quantum Realm supposedly if that is true than he could maybe (IDK his origin other than that he was in Lego marvel superheroes 2) could've helped Ant-Man out
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    I heard that there is supposedly (I'm not sure if it's official) a Thunderbolts movie coming out and Ghost will probably be in that movie (or Ant-Man 3 or even an A-Force movie).
    Remember in the comics Ghost was originally a guy

    The thing is if 5 years is 5 hours, how is janet so old from 30 years there(which is equal to 30 hours)? Not even 2 days

    This is what I mean in the comics time was reverse so why would Kevin Feige give us this info while in the Unstoppable Wasp (the one with Nadia Pym) it was reverse (probably was in all I just read the Unstoppable Wasp arcs)
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