Wanna have fun and Kick Butt??? Gold 1 and AQ 5x5 (with some map 6 in off season) recruiting

Hey Everyone,

Kings of the North is a fun/active 17mil alliance and we are trying to replace 3 retiring members. We finished Gold 1 this season and run 5x5 with full clears every day. We also have a map 6 BG that runs during the off season.

- No event minimums (but we get max milestones in most events anyways)
- No required rankups
- No drama
- Donations: 75k gold and 5k loyalty, with addition of bare minimum extra to run map 6 if we are running it at that time.
- ALWAYS top 1500 in AQ, frequently top 1200
- ALWAYS over 500k in summoner advancement
- Gold 1 in war as stated above
- Mostly US based but we have several members in various timezone and can accommodate
- Assigned paths for war and assigned/fully diverse war defense (but you are allowed to reserve whoever you want). Assigned paths on map 6, free for all on map 5.

What we need:
- No drama/negative attitudes
- Good sense of humor/low political correctness (need to be ok with victory boob posts etc in main chat)
- Active enough to finish war path and AQ path with more than 3 hours to spare
- Skilled enough to finish war path at around tier 6 with minimal deaths
- Need at least five 5* rank 4 or 6* rank 1 champs and enough rank 3 champs to finish off defense/meet needs in quest.

If interested hit me up on line or in game: Cendar333


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