Regarding Placements and MNG: Alliance Wars Season 9

Regarding MNG and Alliance War Season 9


Season 9 has come to an end! It was an intense Season with plenty of hard fought battles, victories, and upsets for many Alliances!

Earlier this season, a bug in our system caused one Alliance (Marvel’s Notorious Gamers) to receive 2 byes. This was an error in our System, and is no fault of the Alliance.

Our course of action for this issue was to remove MNG from the leaderboard at the end of the Season, and grade them against every other Alliance for the 10 wars in this season that were completed. So, instead of looking at all 12 Wars this Season, for their specific case, we looked at the 10 wars they participated in, and compared to those same 10 wars for other Alliances.

As a result, they are not found on the Leaderboard, but we want to publicly acknowledge the placement that they received.

Adjusted 10 War Season
- MNG Placed 4th with 13,394,000 Points

If no adjustment to the Season had occurred, MNG would have also placed 4th with 16,310,000 Points.

They will soon receive the rewards for 4th Place, but will not take up a space in the Leaderboards.They did not take rewards away from any other Alliance.

You’ll later see them take that place on the Leaderboard again, moving all ranks after 4 down a position. This will not affect the rewards you have received.

Congratulations to all Alliances that competed this Season! We’re looking forward to the next competitive season starting June 19th
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