Different questing teams?

Would it be possible to have a team for story mode and event quests? Say you're currently running a story quest, and you want to run an event quest. In the current state, you either need to complete the one you're on, or quit it to run the other. Would be really helpful to all players.


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    Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
    This would be a great idea if you had double the energy...
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    I like the idea. I am currently stuck at a fight in event quest and need a revive, and I have hit all milestones in arena. It would be handy to jump in another quest and farm what I need to finish.
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    Dhatedone_1Dhatedone_1 Posts: 5
    Theres actually a message when the games loading that says to pick different teams for use in multiple questing but it doesnt allow it. It's a joke.
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