Quest Equivalent of Arena

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Everyone knows about the 5* featured arena and the pains of trying to grind for that shiny new 5*. Do you guys think there should be an equivalent to arena through some type of quest/skill test? Something that doesn’t completely consume your time for a 72 hour period? I was just thinking maybe they can implement a “boss challenge” of some sort. Maybe have a high level champ every 6, 8, or 12 hours that you can fight. You can only get one shot per period and you gain points based on different factors such as damage taken, hits received, hits given, whether you took the opponent down, PI difference (lower PI champs award more points), and time taken. Then the champs with the top scores could be given the featured 5* as well. Maybe Kabam can also restrict entry so you can either do arena or go for the quest. I know there doesn’t seem like a way for Kabam to make money on this, so maybe you can have 3 opportunities to fight if you buy specific exclusive healing items. I’m sure there’s someway to monetize it.

This would just allow more opportunities for summoners to obtain these rare 5* they have no other hope of getting. Also with the shift of the game moving more towards 6*, I don’t think the game’s health would be at risk if they distributed more 5* featured champions.

What do you guys think?
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