Summoners, there was an issue with Alliance War matchmaking today preventing Alliances from being able to match with others. As a result, this upcoming war will be cancelled. There should be no detrimental effect to any Alliance's Season performance, and we will be reducing the Alliance War Season Rewards Participation minimum to 4 Wars. We apologize for this inconvenience.

[WAG1C] 22.5M looking to fill 2 spots, AQ focused 66655, AW Gold 1

We Are Groot 1C, part of the We Are Groot family of alliances.


Min 2 5* rank 5
Min 3 5* rank 4
Min prestige 7500, recommended 7900
Must hold your own in AQ and AW

AQ focused 3BG 66655. Planning to run more map6s. Currently AQ 220M-230M Rank 300-400 and climbing.

Competitive in war but not our primary focus. Run wars for bonus rewards.
Adult alliance, No babysitting
Likes to banter, Dislike dramas
Value strong communication, Must have Line

If interested, please contact me on Line or in game!
In Game : Dig Me Out
Line : zoso-game

Thank you!
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