Namor vs Namor ??

dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 489 ★★★
So i was thinking ... looking at his passive:

Hydrokinetic Armor:
"Namor takes 100% reduced damage from all sources while attacking his opponentn. When Namor ends an attack, any damage prevented by Hydrokinetic armor is captured and sent back to the opponent as energy damage"

and Kabam Miike verified in a post on June 7:

"We'll be shortening the timing window of Namor's signature ability to bring it more in line with his attack animations. It will still be very risky to attack him during a combo, as the time between strikes is still very short."

I was just wondering about this scenario:

Namor 1 starts a combo .. Namor 2 intercepts due to Unblockable ... (there's a few ways to get this, either the AI on a node, or with Heimdall synergy as you die .. how you get it isn't the focus here). So .. Namor 1 was attacking, so the intercept by Namor 2 is (potentially) captured by Hydro armor .. and reflected .. however, since that dmg is now reflected during Namor 2's attack, he in turn captures that dmg .. and re-reflects it back ??

Is this possible ? is this how it will work ? should work ?
Is this going to cause a "feedback loop" ? :)

(I don't have Namor, so can't test/try it out) ... but I'd really be curious how that interaction works, or similar interactions.
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