AI Reaction Time Ruining Game!

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In the last couple of updates you have changed the AI reaction speed to impossible level! Backdraft Intercepts dont work anymore because of this. Being able to BLOCK after comboing AI is broken and AI lands hits it shouldn't. AI lands specials it shouldn't be able to after being parried which didnt use to happen! AI can now instantly parry multiple times despite being "stunned" by a well timed block. Night Crawler NOT switching to Swashbuckling mode which used to not be an issue....

There have been multiple threads submitted identifying some of if not ALL of these issues and yet the issue has not been resolved! Countless potions and revives have been wasted, we are frustrated. I couldn't finish Thanos last event and missed out on Uncollected completion....and its bull! If a issue is found that exploits advantage in our favor you FIX the issue IMMEDIATELY even to the point you shut game down for "emergency maintenance" why cant you do same for these issues that have been complained about for MONTHS?

The issue is updated the game and made AI reaction time almost instant! This is not innovative nor challenging it's taking advantage of us by forcing us to buy potions and revives. You took away gifting badge so now we cant even get help from our alliance !

This game is NOT a new IP theres no excuse for lack of resolution for these issues. There are videos in several threads it matters not the device nor the OS nor the champion this issue needs to be addressed with same importance of issues that exploit the game. Scale back the AI and these issues wont be issues.....if your not going to then refund us all the resources we spent on masteries that dont the right thing!
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