28M Relaxed Alliance Looking For 2: AQ Maps 5&4 (150+ Mil.) - AW Gold 1 (2BGs) - No Minimums

True Legends (calii) is looking for two experienced players to join our team. We are a laid back group aiming to enjoy the game and collect some rewards without making it a second job. We have no minimums, so you can do what you want, as long as you are active in AQ and do your part in AW when needed.

Who we are:

    * No Minimums, No drama, Have fun
    * AQ: maps 5 & 4: Score 150+ Mil. with plans to get into top 1200 - Currently no donations
    * AW: 2 BGs - Gold 1: Organized with assigned paths and a rotating roster – This is up in the air with the new terrible map.


    * Line App
    * Prestige 8800+ and active in AQ
    * Roster able to compete in tier 4/5 AW (at least 3 R5 5* preferred)

Message me if interested.
Line ID: mav03820
IGN: Maverick03820
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