I'm confused

So, reading the description of atlaintian coral, it clearly says that it can be exchanged for "atlaintian crystals, but I've looked under the crystal tab and everywhere in the store, I've practically turned the game inside out, but no atlaintian crystal or anything of that sort anywhere to be seen🤔
Could someone please clue me in as to what is going on here?


  • Those won't be available for another week. Just remember, this is the same Coral you use to enter Rifts. If you can run the rifts, you should, as they contain the greater rewards!
  • Too_qikToo_qik Posts: 98
    @Kabam Miike thx man, but I literally just came to these forums to cool off after spending 10,000 teir 3 atlaintian coral for 1,800 teir 4 basic fragments, when I could have gotten a full 4* hero crystal or 4* tech Awakening gem.
    So i think I'll mainly stick to the stable AR's and the crystal LOL.
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