8+Mil alliance looking for 2 Killas!! Let's go!!

AQ: currently running Map 5x5 in expert tier and recieve full Basic T4 plus extra--top 1300 avg--

Donations are required:
100K Gold 10K Loyalty 25K BC's

Duels: 650 min
Completion: 16500
SA: no hold--we avg 3.5-4K a week when we are 30 strong...

AW: Tier 3/4 usually: We typically run 2 groups and play to win using potions/revives etc...when we run 3 groups it's to add loyalty and do the best you can, if we win, great-if not no big deal. No spending required.

We usually get 4* every other week and up to 3 T4 weekly now that we are at expert level. We get 15-20 Map 5 crystals and closing in on 2 Map 6 crystals a week.

We communicate via LINE and if you don't like to talk tactics in AQ/AW chats then this isn't the place for you...I REPEAT: You gotta communicate or you're out.

Other than that we are a very chill group of guys that enjoy playing the game but also want to continue to grow. At the same time we will cut up on each other any chance we get. Just keeps the game fun...

Let me know what you think and if this is a group you'd be interested in joining...

Game/Line: AdvoMiggy


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