6.2.3/6.2.4 severely bugged?

So it appears these two portions of the quest are significantly bugged. The PI for every fight on the path is the same as the boss for both 6.2.1 and 6.2.2. Can we get some form of clarification on how this is supposed to be the proper health and attack ratings for these paths? There's no way the middle quests should entail harder path fights than the final quest....


  • Finalflash8Finalflash8 Posts: 72
    They screwed up and have now decided it's easier to deny the mistake than fix it
  • Shakenbake629Shakenbake629 Posts: 22
    Yeah, I saw what they said regarding it being "intended". However, by sticking with that statement, it means that Kabam and their team is either lying to us now that it is in fact intended, or lied to us previously when stating what the PI ranges would be. Either way, something is severely wrong and needs to be properly addressed. Primarily for the community's sake, but also for them to maintain some sort of dignity/favor in the eyes of the players that they actually care about portraying things correctly and maintaining the proper balance.
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