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Mr Sinister in 6.2.3 degenerating on parries and basic attacks

Mr sinister with buffet and cornered in 6.2.3 is broken, the Icarus node only degens when a fury expires or if you have more than 8. Degen on parries and base attacks are happening instead, without any of the things mentioned above being active.


  • Nerfed2DefNerfed2Def Posts: 292 ★★
    @Metalsonicdude it’s not just Sinister. So far I’ve gotten it from strange, Sinister, and Deadpool on buffet in that chapter. I’m amazed at how bad this release is. I thought Strange was just nullifying them. I went without fury and kept degen. Please fix this Kabam and the compensation better be fat!
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,587 ★★★★★
    tafre said:

    I happened to come across this post a year later lol and I think I can explain why this is so. You get the fury buff from Icarus when you parry, then buffet consumes it hence it is expired and as a result you get the degen. The same interaction happens with DS on the same quest as his counterspell reliably nullifies the furies you get from Icarus and you practically constantly have degen on you unless you have Ghost. Nullification of a buff is considered as expiration so I guess this is working as intended.

    Yeah, that’s what the interaction is, buffet or other nullify functions as a fury expiring
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