Corvus Taking Coldsnap damage?

M7, Invade / Freezerburn node.
Working as intended or bug?


  • Bryan_85Bryan_85 Posts: 43
    Bump. Happening again this AQ. Days 4/5 will die from coldsnap damage before can finish a fight. Any comments from mods?
  • Mac_Mac_ Posts: 23
    Ghost can’t shrug off cold snap when she phases either
  • iRetr0iRetr0 Posts: 1,240 ★★★★
    Corvus has been broken for ages, sometimes he takes Coldsnap/Bleed damage, sometimes not, and it unfortunately seems like Kabam is taking their sweet time in fixing this long overdue bug
  • R0n1n1979R0n1n1979 Posts: 25
    Any update on the issue? It would be nice to have my health bar at 1% after the fight...
  • xuckhamxuckham Posts: 5
    I have the same issue playing ghost accidentally hit his block and I entered phase the coldsnap wasn't converted to fury and still did damage to me. This bug exists since the node was introduced. one mistake and that cost you a lvl4 health potion.
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