Are Healing Potions OUTDATED?

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I noticed that potions have become ridiculously underscaled with the current healthpools of 5 star champions. As we slowly shift to encompass 6 stars there is no way this problem can avoid being more pronounced in my opinion. To top it off we have been shown that new nodes punish us for not topping them off in the form of Strength in numbers (Granted thats for revives) and the Champion 6.2 Boss regenerating based of the missing health of your champion. I think we need to revise the potions with these health pools in mind and wanted to see if the community felt the same.

Are Healing Potions OUTDATED? 1 vote

Yes, Health potions are appropriate across all levels of progression
No, health potions are appropriately scaled across all content and progression levels.
While health potions used to be appropriate, they no longer provide an appropriate benefit to my champions
Suros_moon 1 vote
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