Dark Phoenix

Why did dark Phoenix not get added. Is it because she is apart of the X-men. Remember the women of power crystal and how you guys said you would pay more attention to women characters. Well you got a great one right here that has great potential.


  • Olliebear2bearoOlliebear2bearo Posts: 40
    You decided to release arena for normal Phoenix but it just isn’t the same as dark Phoenix. I always look forward to watching a movie then playing with the character in marble coc but now this one is not being added. It’s not like you guys couldn’t add her next month you have the time.
  • Olliebear2bearoOlliebear2bearo Posts: 40
    The actor had to study for quite a while in how to play that role. She deserves a character. I mean captain marvel has 4 different forms why can’t Phoenix have another form. Captain marvel had a movie so dark Phoenix. Captain marvel got a movie form so Phoenix should too.
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